Pictures from the North American Black Belt Hall of Fame
Banquet October 19th, 2001, Lakewood California
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SPECIAL THANKS! Credit should always be given where credit is due and special thanks are in order to a few people for helping setting up and organizing this event, without them it might have been impossible, it certainly would not have been as wonderful as it was.  I want to specifically thank and name those people.  My thanks go out to our good friend Sigung Tim Wolfe for his support over the 1 plus year that I have set up the event, Sifu Bill Wilson for his help and support in so many areas, my sister Jean West and my wife Nancy who helped extensively as well.  Also my thanks to my students who helped in so many areas, John Moore, Al Navarro, Greg Young, Ray Mortaloni and Ed Idian, it would not have been possible without you all!  All thanks and acknowledgement should go soley to the people just mentioned because they worked very hard ot make it happen!

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Richard Mieir-King and  students.  Between these students, my sister, Jean West, and my wife, Nancy, they are the ones who really helped to make the event happen and run smoothly so all thanks should go to them.  Left to right is Ray Mortaloni, Richard Mieir-King, Ed Idian and in front, John Moore


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CEO Professor Rocky Farley

tnhowardmoore.jpg (13420 bytes)
Koncho Howard Moore, President
tnwolfe6.jpg (14224 bytes)
Left to right: Sigung Tim Wolfe, Howard Moore and Richard Mieir-King

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Sifu James McNeil

tnmcneil2.jpg (9813 bytes)
Sifu McNeil with Richard Mieir-King and wife Nancy

tnWolfe1.jpg (9974 bytes)
Our friend Sigung Tim Wolfe

tnwolfe2.jpg (9991 bytes)
Sigung Tim Wolfe and Richard Mieir-King

tnwolfe3.jpg (8516 bytes)
Tim Wolfe's father and Richard Mieir-King

tnwolfe4.jpg (10159 bytes)
Tim Wolfe's father and Richard Mieir-King

tnGarrett.jpg (13222 bytes)
Our friend Shihan Craig Garret and Richard Mieir-King

tnsandubrae.jpg (13226 bytes)
Sensei Arnold Sandubrae of Palm Springs

tntimfoster.jpg (8815 bytes)
Tim Foster, a student of Sigung Tim Wolfe

tnwallace.jpg (11645 bytes)
Steve Wallace, a student of Sigung Tim Wolfe

tnpastorely2.jpg (8981 bytes)
Pastor Joe Ely offered the opening prayer and benediction at the event

tnpastorely.jpg (11459 bytes)
Pastor Joe Ely offered the opening prayer and benediction at the event

tnManzon.jpg (10982 bytes)
Sigung Ray Manzon

tnhartman.jpg (11971 bytes)
Datu Tim Hartman

tnjohnmoore.jpg (11492 bytes)
John Moore and Richard Mieir-King, now you see why we squatted John Moore down in front in the previous picture :-).

tnyoung.jpg (10245 bytes)
Greg Young clowning around and Richard Mieir-King.  Greg was also a big help at the banquet.

tnnavarro.jpg (8940 bytes)
Al Navarro and Richard Mieir-King, Al was a tremendous help at the door, helping seat people and just working behind the scenes.

tnhartman2.jpg (23876 bytes)

Tim Hartman and Sifu Richard Mieir-King

tnjeanwest.jpg (11134 bytes)
Jean West and Sifu Richard Mieir-King

tnstudents3.jpg (11063 bytes)
Rocky Farley, Richard Mieir-King and Ed Idian

tnbanquet2.jpg (28204 bytes)
Sifu Richard Mieir-King calling the event and awards banquet to order

tnlion1.jpg (12203 bytes)
The first entertainment for the evening was Lion Dancing

tnlion2.jpg (13334 bytes)
More Lion Dancing that evening.

tnlion3.jpg (13523 bytes)
Lion Dancing

tnhikaritaiko1.jpg (28209 bytes)
The second group of entertainers were the Hikari Taiko Drummers

tnhikaritaiko2.jpg (27998 bytes)
The drummers were not only powerful and dramatic to hear but were visually interesting and dramatic. 

 tnhikaritaiko3.jpg (25304 bytes)
Hikari Taiko Drummers

tnhikaritaiko4.jpg (29322 bytes)
Hikari Taiko Drummers

tnhikaritaiko5.jpg (27867 bytes)
Hikari Taiko Drummers

tnbanquet6.jpg (48499 bytes)
After the entertainment and dinner the Awards ceremony and presentation was called to order and began

tnjoshmcintire.jpg (10908 bytes)
Our Youth recipient of the evening was Josh McIntire for Jr. Martial Artist of the Year Award.

tntimfoster2.jpg (11635 bytes)
Tim Foster was inducted in the category of Special Recognition Award

tnstevecooper.jpg (12595 bytes)
Sifu Steve Cooper was inducted in the category of Instructor of the Year Kenpo

tnredfeather.jpg (11738 bytes)
Sifu Robert Redfeather was inducted for the category of Master of the Year Kung-Fu

tnwolfe5.jpg (14145 bytes)
Here are Sigung Tim Wolfe's students with their Awards.  Left to right are Josh McIntire, Tim Foster, Sigung Wolfe and Steve Wallace.

tnjohnbono.jpg (10898 bytes)
Sifu John Bono was inducted in the category of Male Instructor of the Year

tngarrett2.jpg (21638 bytes)
Shihan Craig Garret is inducted for the category of the Leadership Award

tnbanquet3.jpg (23769 bytes)
Here is a shot of our elite group of inductees

tnbanquet4.jpg (24943 bytes)
Hall of Fame Inductees

tnbanquet5.jpg (24194 bytes)
Hall of Fame Inductees

tnbanquet7.jpg (18310 bytes)
Hall of Fame Inductees

Once again, thanks to all those named, Sigung Tim Wolfe, Sifu Bill Wilson, my students, my sister Jean West, and my wife Nancy, they are the ones to thank for the success of this event.

We have a few inductees that were not able to make it to the event for various reasons.  Those inductees were:

Master John W. Wolfe
Professor Larry Hilton
Sigung George Lim
Sigung Rich Mooney
Sifu Bill Wilson
Soke W. Dan Hausel
Master Jorgen Rasmussen
Shidoshi Jimmy Wennberg
Professor Wolf Hillesheim
Sifu Johnny Lee
Sifu Jimmy Willis
Sifu John G. San Agustin
Soke Frank M. Schneider
Soke D. Benedetto Stumpf


Our thanks also to our entertainers, CAOC Lion Dancers, Hikari Taiko Drummers, and our DJ Alex Galindo, everyone did a wonderful job!

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